The Behaviour Change Wheel

A Guide To Designing Interventions

Written by Susan Michie, Lou Atkins & Robert West

  • ISBN: 978-1-912141-00-5


  • Who the Guide is for
  • Why have we written this Guide?
  • More about the Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW)
  • Things to remember
  • Intervention design is about more than effectiveness
  • How to use the Guide
  • Questions addressed by the Guide

Chapter 1 Understand the behaviour

  • Step 1. Define the problem in behavioural terms
  • Step 2. Select the target behaviour
  • Step 3. Specify the target behaviour
  • Step 4: Identify what needs to change
  • Optional Step 4a: Identify what needs to change using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF)

Chapter 2 Identify intervention options

  • Step 5: Identify intervention functions
  • Step 6: Identify policy categories

Chapter 3 Identify content and implementation options

  • Step 7: Identify behaviour change techniques (BCTs)
  • Step 8: Identify mode of delivery

Chapter 4 A case study using the BCW to design an intervention to prevent melioidosis in Northeast Thailand

  • Aim
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Summary

Chapter 5 A brief guide to using the BCW to evaluate behaviour change interventions and synthesise evidence

  • 1. Identify intervention content
  • 2. Investigate the functions played by BCTs
  • 3. Specify theoretical underpinnings of interventions and understand processes of change
  • 4. Assess fidelity of delivery
  • 5. Evaluate other behaviour change frameworks

Appendix 1 Behaviour change frameworks contributing to the Behaviour Change Wheel

Appendix 2 Worksheets

Appendix 3 Spin the Wheel Quiz - answers

Appendix 4 Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy (v1)

Appendix 5 Using the BCW, BCTTv1 and TDF to describe an intervention and support implementation: improving compliance with the ‘Sepsis Six’ care pathway

Appendix 6 Sources referencing the Behaviour Change Wheel

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